Butterfly Jungles
Working With Nature

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We take conservation issues very seriously at Butterfly Jungles and all our tropical butterflies come from purpose - built 'Butterfly Farms' in the tropics and never directly from the wild. These farms provide work for local communities who earn a sustainable income from the butterflies and help protect the rainforest.

With the world's rainforests under threat it's reassuring that at least these parts where the Butterfly Farms thrive remain unspoilt.

Our native and european species also come from specialist farms and breeders and never taken directly from the wild. With the ever declining numbers of butterflies worldwide and in the UK, conservation and education are paramount.

Could you imagine a future without Butterflies?

Rainforests need our help. 

A beautiful Green Birdwing relies on the Rainforest for survival.

Our own strikingly beautiful 'Common Blue' but on the decline.