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We offer a range of services from public exhibitions in Garden Centres, Museums and Parks, converting your existing greenhouse or conservatory into an indoor butterfly garden or designing a purpose built one from scratch, to wildflower plantings and gardens for native species. No job too big or too small.

We also design and build native 'Butterfly Jungles' Sanctuaries and Conservation Areas for new & existing developments, business premises, Parks and local authorities with the aim of helping conserve our declining UK butterflies and other wildlife.

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Consultancy Services

First class Consultation services to advise and quote  on completely new projects and maximise the efficiently of up and running set-ups. We offer invaluable advice, troubleshooting and problem solving. Highly recommended for Public Set - Ups where staff may need training or assistance to keep exhibitions looking great.

Recent Consultation works with several large Companies and Organisations including the CO-OP, Eden Project and the RHS.

We also offer worldwide Consultation.

Television & Media

If you need butterflies for programs, advertising and film projects and locations to film butterflies in situ we can offer lots of solutions.

Recent media works with several large companies and organisations including the BBC (TV & Radio), ITV, London Live, Channel 4 and various programs including Love your Garden, BBC Springwatch, Hampton Court Flower Show & Weekend Kitchen.

Indoor Butterfly Gardens


Design, planting and landscaping your existing Conservatory or greenhouse and providing the butterflies specific to your requirements.

Purpose Built 

A Bespoke Installation, design, planting and landscaping of a Conservatory or greenhouse and providing the butterflies specific to your requirements.

Exhibitions & Public Displays 

Design, planting and landscaping your existing Conservatory or greenhouse or full bespoke Installation open to the public and providing the butterflies specific to your requirements.

Currently our exhibitions include our very own Butterfly Jungles Experience & Plant Centre  in Bexley.

Recent Exhibitions include 'The Butterfly Effect' at the British Museum of Food in London, our award winning 'Native Butterfly Garden' & 'Eden Project Butterfly Dome' at Hampton Court Flower Show and our tropical display at the WWT Wetland Centre in London.

School Packages   

Conversion or bespoke installation, design, planting and landscaping of a conservatory or greenhouse on school grounds and providing the butterflies specific to your requirements. Information packages, education worksheets and conservation awareness.

Outdoor Butterfly Gardens

Native Outdoor Butterfly Gardens

Ornamental or wild gardens landscaped with butterflies in mind to encourage more native species and other wildlife to visit your Gardens

Native Outdoor Wild Flower Meadows,Hedgerow & Woodland Plantings

Particularly invaluable to schools when teaching on Conservation and wildlife habitats. Plantings with native wildflowers,  trees and shrubs to encourage native butterflies to visit and breed.

Butterfly Jungles Sanctuaries

Our 'Butterfly Jungles Sanctuaries' are proving a great hit with the first one up and running at Ferry Point, London.

These contain several different wild habitats and cultivated plantings packed with nectar rich flowers and caterpillar foodplants to maximise the amount of species that will visit and breed.

Beautiful signage helps educate visitors about butterflies and shows the species likely to be seen in each habitat.

More Butterfly Sanctuaries to follow real soon. Please contact us for more information.

Maintenance Service

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance service once you're up and running to keep your display looking fantastic.


RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Best Large Feature Winners 2013 - Butterfly Jungles Native Butterfly Garden


Inside our 'Native Butterfly Garden' Photographer Helen Gazeley

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Silver Medal Winners 2012 

Butterfly Jungles Transitions at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 Photographer Janet Gibson 

Indoor Tropical Butterfly Gardens 

The Stunning 'Tree Nymph' Butterfly

One of Our purpose built Indoor 'Butterfly Jungles' in the heart of London 

Native British Butterfly Gardens 

Our Native 'Small Tortoiseshell' on Scabious

One of Our 'Outdoor Butterfly Gardens'  

Native Wildflower Meadows