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23/10/15 - 23/01/16 The 'Butterfly Effect' showcased butterflies as pollinatorst the British Museum of Food, 1 Cathedral Street, Borough Market SE1 9DE

This amazing exhibition was complete with Food Gallery, British Food menu archive and even a Chocolate room! The butterfly room was lit in ultra violet so the colours were stunning on both butterflies and flowers.

This was our most challenging yet!

Thanks to all the hard work the Butterfly Jungles team put in to make the 'impossible' possible!

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The Butterfly Jungles Experience & Plant Centre is now closed for the winter and we'll be reopening Feb 1st 2019.

 The stunning Passiflora Racemosa, just one of the 70 different types of Passionflower we will be selling in 2016 at our Plant Centre

Common Birdwing Butterfly 

Dryadula Phaetusa on Flower. 

 Painted Lady on Verbena Bonariensis

 The beautiful Heliconius Cydno