Butterfly Jungles
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 & 2013

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Best Large Feature Winners 2013 - Butterfly Jungles Native Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Jungles are very proud to announce that we won Best Large Show Feature at this years Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for our Native Butterfly Garden.

We mixed Wildflowers, Herbaceous Perennials, Shrubs and exotic bedding to show a long flowering season of flowers ideal for Native species especially our hiberating butterflies who must build up their energy reserves in late summer and Autumn.

We also exhibited the Large Tortoiseshell as following reports and photographic evidence of sightings in the UK particularly from the Isle Of Wight we wanted people to familiarise themselves with this wonderful butterfly and record any seen across the UK. Colonies may well have been overlooked.

Alongside this rarity were Camberwell Beauty (a rare migrant), Painted Lady, Brimstone, Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Brown and Common Blue. This was incredibly popular with the public and also the Royal Family as both the Duchess Of Cornwall and Countess of Wessex dropped by to glimpse a closer look at the Large Tortoiseshell too.

Raising awareness is something we at Butterfly Jungles are extremely passionate about and visitors actually experienced the 'Clouds of butterflies' that many remember from their youth.

We also worked with the RHS and Eden Project to create a massive tropical Butterfly Dome housing 3000 tropical butterflies. One of our largest ventures to date.

We had a stand selling lots of butterfly attracting plants,Wildflowers,Exotics,Breeding kits and lots of other butterfly goodies which proved extremely popular, so much so we sold out of some lines 2 days in, proving the public are getting more and more pollinatior friendly with plants.

Butterfly Jungles
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

We are pleased to announce our 'Butterfly Jungles Transitions' Garden won a Silver Medal in the Summer Gardens Category for the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. Our Garden flowed through different Plantings each a gradual transition to the next so creating a flow of colours with Nectar Plants and Caterpillar foodplants.A journey through Wildflowers to Prairie style,Exotic and finally our Tropical Butterfly Glasshouse with beautiful Butterflies in their Jungle Habitat.

The purpose of our Garden was to highlight the decline of Butterflies Worldwide and educate and encourage others to do their bit of UK Butterfly Conservation.In the Outdoor Butterfly Gardens we mix Wildflowers including the all important Caterpillar foodplants with Cultivated Nectar plants to create a sustainable butterfly Garden where Butterflies will not only visit for Nectar but stay and breed too.

The Tropical Butterfly Glasshouse showed the Rainforest Habitat we need to preserve and also how Butterfly Farmers in the tropics who supply our Butterflies can earn a living from the Butterfly Farms so protecting the environment in which they live and work.Good news for the Rainforests,Wildlife,Butterflies and for us.

We released the more common UK Species into this Garden at the Show and although we cant guarantee they'll all stay in our Garden,it is a Flower Show after all,so many temptations for a butterfly! Let's just say there were lots of Butterflies at Hampton Court in 2012!

The BBC showed Butterfly Jungles at our Surrey Nursery and interview with Rachel de Thame on BBC2 Friday 6th July 2012.You can watch part of this broadcast by clicking the video at the top of the page.

Butterfly Jungles 'Transitions' Show Garden Designed by Paul Allen,Lydia Harvey & Lucy Hughesdon 

3D Hand Drawing by our Designer Lucy Hughesdon

Butterfly Jungles Transitions at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 Photographer Claire Middleton 

Landscaping team hard at work during build - up.Photographer Hew Stevenson 

The brilliant 'Shoots & Leaves' Team were in charge of all our Hard Landscaping for the Show Garden which included Curved Walls & Raised Beds.Special Thanks to Paul,Gerry,Conrad,Hew & the Team.

The Butterfly Jungles Team were responsible for all Planting duties and the stunning Water Feature with Bromeliads,Orchids and Jungle Plants.Special Thanks to Trevor,Rory,Lucy,Alexis,Chris,Val & Michelle for working superfast to get it all tip-top.

Butterfly Jungles in the Glasshouse 

The Bromley 14 x 10 Glasshouse supplied by Woodpecker Joinery housing 2oo tropical Butterflies was the talk of the Show.Photographer Hew Stevenson 

Huge Thankyou to Woodpecker Joinery who supplied and erected the Glasshouse which housed beautiful Tropical Butterflies and Exotic Plants. This Glasshouse was the perfect size and height to keep our Butterflies healthy and happy. 

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Best Large Feature Winners 2013 - Butterfly Jungles Native Butterfly Garden

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Silver Medal Winners 2012 

Butterfly Jungles Transitions Photographer Mark Wordingham  

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