Butterfly Jungles Sanctuary
Ferry Point, London

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We are pleased to announce our first 'Butterfly Jungles Sanctuary' is now open at the beautiful Riverside development in Ferry Quays in the heart on London.

We have partnered up with the brilliant 'Shoots & Leaves' Landscaping Company to create the ultimate Butterfly Oasis for our Native UK Species.

Several different Areas have been developed within the Site to increase the richness and diversity of visiting Wildlife.

The 'Grassland Hill' shows a typical downland style habitat with low growing Grasses and lots of nectar rich Wildflowers.

The 'Wildflower Meadow' is filled with Wildflowers which thrive on slightly moist soils.

The 'Woodland' is a mix of Willows, Scrub and Buddlejas that have been allowed to grow to tree - like proportions.Woodland Wildflower Banks have also been created here to attract even more wildlife.

A 'Prairie  Planting' is also included here mixing Wildflowers with cultivated Grasses and Herbaceous Perennials like Verbenas,Sedums and Asters to extend the flowering season as the plants here continue flowering when many Wildflowers have faded.

Finally our 'Nectar Bar' Flowerbed is a mass of cultivated Buddlejas including Black Knight, Royal Red, White Profusion, Lochinch, Pink Perfection, Silver Anniversary,Dwarf Buzz Buddlejas and an underplanting of Lavenders,Coreopsis,Erysimums and spring flowering primulas.A veritable feast for nectar feeders!

Wherever possible we have reclaimed elements from the Site and recycled them as features including stone and wood for benches and old tyres for planters.

We released 300 Native Butterflies on the 22nd September ,with the help of the Local Residents and their Children to help boost the numbers and Species already there.Large, Small & Green Veined Whites,  Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Large & Small Skippers, Small Copper, Holly Blue, Comma, Red Admiral and Peacocks have all been observed here while we were building so things are looking very positive.

HUGE THANKYOU to all who attended the Butterfly Release to mark the opening of 

Butterfly Jungles Sanctuary
at Ferry Point

Butterfly Jungles Sanctuaries

Our 'Butterfly Jungles Sanctuaries' are proving a great hit with the first one up and running at Ferry Point, London.

These contain several different wild habitats and cultivated plantings packed with nectar rich flowers and caterpillar foodplants to maximise the amount of species that will visit and breed.

Beautiful signage helps educate visitors about butterflies and shows the species likely to be seen in each habitat.

More Butterfly Sanctuaries to follow real soon. Please contact us for more information.


Butterfly Jungles Sanctuary Ferry Point Photographer Nic Doczi 

Meadow Sign Photographer Nic Doczi 

Grassland hill sign Photographer Nic Doczi 

Sanctuary Sign Photographer Nic Doczi 

Butterfly Jungles Sanctuary Grassland Hill & Meadow complete Photographer Nic Doczi

Site before the Works Photographer Nic Doczi

The grand release  Photographer Nic Doczi 

Red Admiral & Peacock on Buddleja 

More Site Pictures coming soon - Watch this Space 

If you took some photos at the Sanctuary and would like them shown here please email them to me at paul@butterflyjungles.com