We have had a population explosion of Zebra Butterflies (Heliconius Charitonia) so if any breeders/butterfly houses need some please contact me asap by emailing

We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Rachel de Thame and Chris Collins opened 'The Butterfly Jungles Experience,Plant Centre & Shop' on February 14th in the grounds of Hall Place in Bexley,Kent 

Butterfly Jungles
Your Slice Of Paradise

With an ever growing awareness of our declining Flora & Fauna, interest in Conservation and attracting Wildlife into our Gardens is becoming more popular. We offer several services to not only attract the Native Butterflies and other Wildlife back into your Gardens but we can also bring the Exotic Species into your Conservatories and Greenhouses too.

While this is alone a wonderful concept we can enjoy, it also educates us on the important enviromental issues where Butterfly Farmers in the tropics can earn a sustainable income from breeding butterflies for our enjoyment as well as developing and protecting the Rainforests in which they live and work.

We provide services for Schools, Parks and all manner of Public Attractions as well as our private Clients. We will bring breathtaking Butterflies into your Gardens and you can enjoy their beauty while helping the environment too.

We have a One - Stop Butterfly Shop Online Store for all your needs and we have opened the first ever Butterfly Jungles Plant Centre & Shop in the grounds of Hall Place in February 2014, a brand new concept in eco friendly plant sales together with the 'Butterfly Jungles Experience', our own tropical mini - rainforest!

The 'Butterfly Jungles Experience' & Butterfly Jungles Plant Centre & Shop opened in the grounds of Hall Place, Bexley, Kent on February 14th 2014

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Best Large Feature Winners 2013 - Butterfly Jungles Native Butterfly Garden

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Silver Medal Winners 2012 

Butterfly Jungles Transitions at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 Photographer Gill Wren

Magical Morpho Butterflies dazzle. 

Stunning Orange Tips will breed in the Outdoor Butterfly Garden. 

Beautiful Glasswings delight in the Indoor Butterfly Garden. 

Painted Lady on Hemp Agrimony Flowers.