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The Butterfly Jungles Experience & Plant Centre is now closed for the winter and we'll be reopening Feb 1st 2019.

Tel 07780716215 or email paul@butterflyjungles.com for Exhibitions, Consultation, Design & Landscaping & Media enquiries. This part of the business is available all year.

Butterfly Jungles Experience & Plant Centre
Hall Place & Gardens
Bourne Rd

Tel 01322 527389

(Entrance to the Butterfly Jungles Experience £4 Adults £3 Children, entry to plant shop obviously free)

Groups & Coach parties welcome

Magical Morpho Butterflies dazzle. 

Tel 07780716215 for Exhibitions, Consultation, Design & Landscaping & Media enquiries.

We provide solutions from design and build to fruition of tropical butterfly exhibitions both public and private. By providing your business with a tropical butterfly exhibit we can increase your footfall and turnover, expand your customer base, enhance your visitor experience, fully train staff and provide an excellent educational platform.

While this is alone a wonderful concept we can enjoy, it also educates us on the important environmental issues. For example butterfly farmers in the tropics earn a sustainable income from breeding butterflies for exhibitions as well as developing and protecting the rainforests in which they live and work.

We design and create Native butterfly gardens too. With an ever growing awareness of our declining flora & fauna, and the plight of our pollinators, it's vital we all do our bit for conservation.

We provide services and solutions for Garden Centres, Museums, Parks, Schools and all manner of public attractions, butterflies for television & film projects as well as tropical and native butterfly gardens for our private clients.

In 2014 we opened the first ever 'Butterfly Jungles Experience & Plant Centre' in the grounds of Hall Place in Kent, with plans to expand and open another larger flagship centre. This is a brand new concept combining eco - friendly plant sales and the 'butterfly jungles experience', our own mini tropical rainforest. By combining these elements we have seen amazing sales in, what should be two of the quietest months of the year for Garden Centres, February & August. Proof that butterflies are good for business as well as bringing Conservation to the very forefront of gardening.

Beautiful Glasswings delight in the Indoor Butterfly Garden. 

Stunning Orange Tips will breed in the Outdoor Butterfly Garden. 

Painted Lady on Hemp Agrimony Flowers. 

We are delighted to announce that the wonderful Rachel de Thame and Chris Collins opened 'The Butterfly Jungles Experience, Plant Centre and Shop' on February 14th 2014 in the grounds of Hall Place in Bexley, Kent 

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Best Large Feature Winners 2013 - Butterfly Jungles Native Butterfly Garden

RHS Hampton Court Flower Show Silver Medal Winners 2012 

Butterfly Jungles Transitions at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 Photographer Gill Wren